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UBiLim facilities

Laatste wijziging: 28 februari 2022

UBiLim supports researchers from the three partner institutions and abroad in the various biobank aspects of their studies.
UBiLim offers guidance:

  • Advice regarding sample collection, processing, storage and other tips in order to obtain optimal scientific results
  • Integration of the biobank aspect in the study (eg. practical planning, study design, ethical aspect of the study)

UBiLim facilities which can be used by the researcher:

  • Processing of biological material (eg. blood, urine, organ tissue, muscle biopsies ...)
  • Storage of samples at different temperatures (room temperature, -20 °C, -40 °C, -80 °C, (gas phase) liquid nitrogen)
  • Delivery of requested samples to researcher (for performing approved analysis/experiments)
  • Data management with regard to the samples and associated clinical data

For more information, please contact us.