Procedures to store/receive material

Each researcher who wishes access to the facilities or collections of UBiLim needs to submit an application. A certain procedure needs to be followed depending on whether it involves an application to store material (collection/study application) or to receive material (project application).


The different procedures include:


If researchers themselves want to carry out the pre-analytical collection and processing of samples, they need to follow a training at UBiLim before the start of their study. This includes a training in a selection of validated protocols of UBiLim. This is done in order to maintain the uniformity between the number of samples stored in UBiLim and to guarantee the same quality. Moreover, samples stored by UBiLim must meet certain conditions. To this end, samples not processed by UBiLim need to be accompanied by a Minimal Data Set (listed in LI.UBI.17, for the current version see Forms).

During the collecting period the owner of the collection can exclusively make use of the collected material. When the collecting period has ended an agreement between the owner of the collection and UBiLim regarding the period of exclusiveness can be arranged. Hereafter, the ownership of the collection is transferred to UBiLim making the samples belonging to this collection available for other researchers.

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