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About UBiLim

Laatste wijziging: 28 February 2022

UBiLim is a collaboration between Hasselt University, Hospital East-Limburg and Jessa Hospital and is established to support translational research carried out by the three partners. UBiLim, however, also makes its facilities available to researchers from other hospitals or research institutes. The central storage facility of UBiLim is located at the Jessa Hospital. There are also storage facilities in the partner institutions Hasselt University and Hospital East-Limburg.

The goal of UBiLim is  to collect, process and store high-quality biological material together with its associated data; and to make the stored biological material available for a broad group of clinically relevant studies.

To this end, UBiLim applies the highest standards regarding biobanking. All activities of UBiLim, carried out at the various locations, are executed according to the law of 19/12/2008 and following, and reconciled to the (inter)national guidelines on biobanking and research, including those at Flemish (Center for Medical Innovation) and European level (ESFRI, ECRIN, ...).

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To manage the samples and associated data (collections and projects to which the sample belongs; informed consent of the donor; sample deliveries that have taken place, freeze-thaw cycles, etc.) a Biobank Information Management System (Labvantage Biobanking) is used, which makes it possible for UBiLim to offer the highest possible quality of service. 

UBiLim consists out of an assembly of biological material and associated data, for which the term "collection" or "study" is used. A collection comprises a compilation of biological material and/or data, normally collected in context of a study. A study comprises an experimental design for which material and/or data are collected in the biobank. A study can consist out of one or more projects, which may or may not have been described in the study application. A project can also be carried out independently of a study. In this case, the project can be seen as an experimental design for the use of materials and/or data from the biobank.

An overview of the current collections, studies and projects can be found here.

The chart on your right gives an overview of the research areas the studies and collections of UBiLim belong to.

If you are looking for samples of a certain group of patients or healthy volunteers four your research, feel free to contact UBiLim.

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