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CMHCV study

Laatste wijziging: 24 January 2022

Case management in HCV infected people who inject drugs in Belgium     


Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Geert Robaeys, Researcher: Rob Bielen


The main cause of hepatitis C in the Western world is intravenous drug use. Unfortunately, there is still a barrier between health care and drug users, resulting in limited screening for hepatitis C in the last years. Recently, a breakthrough has been achieved in the treatment of hepatitis C, making the screening increasingly important. The more patients we screen, the more patients can be treated. In this way, the main source of hepatitis C can be eradicated.

To this end, we will organize systematic screenings by collecting blood samples of persons in alcohol and drug addiction (CAD) centers. We will attempt to collect ab additional 31ml of blood, if possible due to restrictions through difficult venous access. The stored blood products can be used in the future by researchers to investigate the pathogenesis of hepatitis C infection, immune response of the host, response to therapy, mechanisms of resistance, and many other mechanisms. To investigate the mechanisms of resistance, additional samples will be taken during the monitoring of the therapy.