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HLTAGE project

Laatste wijziging: 24 januari 2022

Healthy Aging – Biomarkers for immune aging


Principal Investigator: prof. dr. Veerle Somers, Researcher: dr. Leen Slaets


The aging of our society is accompanied by an increase in the number of chronically ill patients and the associated health costs. In the course of our life, our immune system undergoes several changes, which is called immune aging or immune senescence. These changes take place throughout our immune system and make us more vulnerable for infections and respond less to vaccinations. Immune aging precedes a disease at older age. The current available therapies do not work for 70% of the older patients.  Therefore, there is a need for new treatments that can slow down or prevent immune aging, but also for reliable biomarkers to detect immune aging as early as possible and identify patients which will not respond to a certain treatment.


The goal of the study is to investigate whether the existing biomarkers, which were recently developed by the Biomedical Research Institute (Biomed) and project partners,  can be used to detect immune aging. To this end, antibodies against Spag-161, RA-212, etcetera will be measured in healthy donors and in patients with an age-related disorder, like multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis.