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Hematological collection

Laatste wijziging: 24 januari 2022

Systemic collection of residual material of hematological cases, started in 2008


Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. JL. Rummens


The Hematological collection is a systematic collection that consist of residual material from samples of peripheral blood and bone marrow that have been collected for clinical analysis of patients who present symptoms of a hematological disorder. In addition, also residual material from follow-up samples are collected from patients suffering from the premalignant form of multiple myeloma or acute myeloid leukemia. The biological material is linked to relevant clinical data and laboratory results and comprises a long-term follow-up period at key moments for the majority of patients during their disease course.

This collection is therefore a valuable and excellent source for research into early diagnostic, predictive or prognostic biomarkers of such diseases. Research on these samples could lead to a better understanding of the underlying disease mechanisms and ultimately lead to prevention or more effective treatment of the disease.