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  • DMF-MS study: Immune regulation using dimethylfumarate in patients with relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis
  • HersMS study: Post mortem brain tissue of persons with Multiple Sclerosis
    IMMHC study: Auto-antibodies and diseases characteristic in rheumatoid arthritis
  • IMMHC2 study: Identification of immune system parameters in healthy controls
  • IMMMS study: Study on the role of the humoral immune response in multiple sclerosis and the effect of immunomodulating therapy
  • IMMMS2 study: Identification of immune system parameters in patients with multiple sclerosis
  • IMMRA study: Auto-antibodies and disease characteristics in rheumatoid arthritis
  • RASFX study: Potential prognostic factors, early detection and long-term monitoring of joint damage in a cohort of 350 rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis patients using high resolution X-rays, bone-, cartilage- and inflammation-related biomarkers and auto-antibody screening
  • SCIBMO study: Identification and characterization of newly found antibody biomarkers for spinal cord damage
  • SWSPA study: Identification of auto-antibodies as biomarkers of axial spondyloarthritis
  • TFHAmB study: The role of the adaptive immunity in multiple sclerosis- Study on follicular regulatory T-cells from tonsils and blood of healthy persons



  • AAbRA project: Autoantibodies and disease characteristics in rheumatoid arthritis
  • AbBcMS project: Study on antibody dependent and independent B-cell function in multiple sclerosis
  • AGEMS project: Effect of immune aging on B-cell populations in multiple sclerosis
  • AGERAGE project: AGE  mediated RAGE activity:  new target for multiple sclerosis
  • BIOMMS project: Study on new candidate biomarkers in multiple sclerosis
  • BIOMSCI project: Identification and characterization of new antibody biomarkers after spinal cord injury
  • CD4CD28 project:  A role for immunosenescence and CD4+CD28- T-cells in patients with multiple sclerosis
  • CRMP2 project: Study on the protein expression of collapsing response mediator protein 2 in the different T-cell populations
  • CTLTFR project: Alterations in T-cell subtypes influence the disease course of Multiple Sclerosis
    ICB-MS project: In vitro analysis of immune cell balance in multiple sclerosis and the effect of salt on this interaction
  • EPIPMS project: Epigenetische regulation of myelin basic protein (MBP) in progressive multiple sclerosis (MS)

  • HLTAGE project: Healthy Aging – Biomarkers for immune aging

  • LIFOSM project: Immunomodulating effects of LIF and OSM in multiple sclerosis
  • LIPOPROT project: Influence of lipoproteins on monocyte function and disease progression in multiple sclerosis
  • THERMS project: Study on the role of the humoral immune response in multiple sclerosis and the effect of immunomodulating therapy
  • Tr-BBB project: Interaction between regulatory T-cells and the blood-brain barrier
    Treg project: The role of regulatory T-cells in B-cell autoreactivity in multiple sclerosis
  • VAISMS project: The aging innate immune system as cause of disease progression in multiple sclerosis
  • ValSci project: Validation of candidate biomarkers in spinal cord injury patients


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  • HFIR study: Influence of exercise intervention on insulin resistance in patients with heart failure
  • HFIRB study: Glucose tolerance and descriptive factors for insulin resistance in patients with heart failure
  • OMICS-CRT study: Metabolomic and cellular alterations induced by cardiac resynchronization therapy


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  • ExTiDi study: Influence of timing of training on sugar control in males with type 2 diabetes


terug naar boven Gynecology/Fertility

  • CAP study: Capillaroscopical changes during pregnancy: a multicenter prospective study
  • CC-ED study: Study on mechanisms behind erectile dysfunction
  • PE2PC study: Progenitor cells in screening for preeclampsia


terug naar boven Infectious diseases

  • CMHCV study: Case management in HCV infected people who inject drugs in Belgium
  • FAPIC study: Fast assay for pathogen identification and characterisation - Prospective Study
    Happiest study: The Hasselt appendicitis immunology and environmental study


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  • ERLO study: Endocrine regulation of lipolysis in obese subjects: impact of exercise-induced hormones
  • OB-NMR study: Determination of metabolic profile of obese vs normal-weight children using 1H-NMR spectroscopy on blood and urine samples
  • OB-SNP study: Genetic polymorphisms related to atypical antipsychotics induced weight gain


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  • BCNMR study: Metabolic changes as diagnostic indicator for cancer
  • BIOCOR study: Analysis of metabolic end-products in plasma: new test for the detection of colon cancer
  • DERMISHEAD study: Low-level laser therapy for the prevention and management of radiodermatitis in head and neck cancer patient
  • Hematological collection: Systemic collection of residual material of hematological cases, started in 2008
  • KLIMOP study: The elderly and cancer
  • LCNMR study: In search of biomarkers in plasma to detect lung cancer using NMR spectroscopy
  • TRANSDERMIS study: Low-level laser therapy as a tool for the prevention and management of radiodermatitis in breast cancer patients



  • NGSAML project: Mutation spectrum and frequency analysis of retrospective acute myeloid leukemia samples by next-generation sequencing: A comparative study of targeted myeloid panels


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  • BACOPD study: Oral beta-alanine supplementation to patients with COPD: structural, metabolic and functional adaptations
  • FSLC study: Functional status in patient undergoing curative treatment for lung cancer: a prospective follow-up study
  • HITDCM study: The effect of interval training on heart function and blood sugar level regulation in diabetes cardiomyopathy

  • LBP-HIT study: Structural and functional effects of High Intensity Training program in patients with non-specific chronic low back pain
  • MS-CMR study: Influence of revalidation/training therapy on cardiometabolic risk factors associated with multiple sclerosis
  • MSCAR study: The impact of carnosine loading and rehabilitation therapy on muscle characteristics and exercise capacity in Multiple Sclerosis
    MSHIIT study: Influence of physical activity on muscle fiber characteristics of patients with multiple sclerosis
  • NMES study: Efficiency of electro muscle stimulation to prevent muscle loss in Intensive Care patients
  • WALK study: The effect of a walking program on muscle strength, balance, body composition, bone metabolism and quality of life in postmenopausal women with decreased bone density


terug naar boven Respiratory diseases


  • COPDEX study: Changes in microcirculation and functional status during exacerbation of COPD

  • NiNbI study: Non-invasive differential diagnosis of Noisy breathing Infant and toddlers